Sure Delivery

Buyer Protection! Quick and free tracking! Guarantee of money back!

Our services include 100% risk-free tracking for all orders to any location worldwide. Within 24 hours of processing the order, an email is sent with the shipment details and the link for a link for tracking. If you do not receive the assured delivery within the promised time, then you are eligible for a full refund or reshipment of the order.

International Tracking

Free and fast tracking for shipment to all destinations

We ship the order with full insurance and tracking options. This is available as soon as the order is processed.

Hassle-free Shopping

We make your shopping worry-free with money back guarantee and free re-ships

Orders not delivered within 15 days, you will be fully covered by our money back guarantee and free re-shipment offer.

Tracking for US shipment

Trusted, Clear, and Simple – Easy tracking of US orders via USPS

Our shipping services include providing a tracking number that is linked directly to the USPS website. Rapid delivery is available to the US with six to twelve working days.

Keep track of your shipment always

Specialist websites available to for tracking all shipping

If you have any trouble with our tracking link you can still know where your order is. Options you can use are SureDelivery, Track-Trace, or IPS.

Tracking link availability

Tracking links take time to get activated

All tracking numbers need a few hours before they become available online. We recommend waiting for at least 24 to 48 hours before checking the tracking systems.’s shipping policy

We do not provide the full refund or free re-ship under the following circumstances:

  • There’s a mistake in the shipping address
  • You did not collect or accept the parcel at the time of delivery
  • If the product was returned for any of the above reasons

We do not accept any packages that have been returned.