Customer Agreement

Kindly go through this portal and it necessitates complete understanding as a pre-requisite for permitting you to use.

On reading the conditions laid out in the customer agreement and by giving your consent to it that also includes the various requirements of the privacy policy whichyou have to completely abide by and the instructions in terms of reading, making transactions, processing payments or access it any other form. By accessing this portal you are also implicitly complying with the conditions of the website passed on to you. And through the usage of the website if the user elicits any statements or promises that are in contradiction with the terms of the website they are declared null and void.

Every individual is allowed access to the website content only after expressing approval on the conditions listed in the site that also includes the privacy policy.

By observing the contents of the website or simply surfing the portal, utilizing, conducting payment transactions or engaging with any sort of communication with the website in the capacity of purchaser, merchant service provider, an intermediate service provider that is not limited to a publisher or advertiser it is clearly agreed that you have completely understood all the clauses mentioned in the policy meant for terms of use inclusive of the privacy policy elucidated in the website. This also takes into account the modifications made in the agreement or any new clauses included by reference over which would be completely at the discretion of the website at any given point of time.

Individuals below the age of 18 are prohibited from using this website for whatsoever reason. If you are not yet 18, it is deemed illegal to browse or have correspondence with this website in any form. The portal restricts even limited access to any person whose age falls under the limits of CHILD ONLINE PRIVACY ACT (COPA) of the year 1998.

The online portal also holds the right to prevent access to any individual or viewer on any grounds. As per the conditions listed in the PRIVACY POLICY, which you have to give consent to for viewing, the website is also entitled to gather and store information for various utilities.

The clauses detailing the extent of usage in the agreement are prone to change at different points of time. The viewers are duty bound, as an inevitable part of the undertaking for permission to look into the website and acknowledge the changes made periodically.

Consenting Groups to the Agreement Use Conditions

Individuals who are not just limited to visitors, subscribers or customers would be collectively termed as “Visitors”, are consenting parties to the agreement. The online portal and the previous owners of the websites or its operators are equally responsible participants of the agreement which is termed as the “Website”. The viewers are aware and acknowledge that these conditions overrides and supersedes any type of clauses meant for the visitors that also comprises of and does not alienate the terms listed in the websites belonging to the visitors, including the privacy policy and other agreements with a legal binding that can be enforced in the future.

The website also hereby discards all the electronic agreements belonging to the visitors’ websites and these are not just confines to the policy of terms and conditions. The clauses listed in the agreement would hold control over all possible disputes that may arise in future and will be bound by the default laws and rules that can be amicably settled at the bar through arbitration at a venue and jurisdiction chosen by the website. Any form of agreements be it assurances, warranties or statements belonging to the Visitors’ website or any strictures conflicting with website’s own would not be considered to be legal and will cease to have any effect. The broader term of visitors also encompasses business partners, affiliates, marketers online, and intermediaries or any user with specific reasons browsing this website in any format are bound by the mutual release and any agreed clauses cannot be repelled without the mutual written  consent of the website.

Information Usage from the Website

Without entering into an exclusively and mutually agreed written contract with the website the various parties utilizing the website including subscribers or say customers do not hold any authority to utilize the data with any business motives and the same also holds good when it comes to broadcasting or saving it with an intention to publish or sell or at least a part of the contents provided in the website. By surfing the contents in the website you offer your consent to the conditions mentioned as part of the terms meant for viewing and place your acknowledgement on record that any unpermitted usage of the content is illegal and make you liable to face legal suit falling under civil or the criminal laws. Similarly the visitor does not have any type of rights in to utilize the content or a part of it which might also include databases,other pages, and the code embedded in the pages or any form of intellectual asset part of the website, for any kind of reason, in short absolutely nothing. The visitor also consents to be liable in paying an amount of US$100,000 for the damages suffered by the website and any sort of additional cost incurred by the website because of the breach of the clauses in the policy. The visitor also acknowledges that he or she has completely interpreted that agreeing to this condition is the basic criteria to view the website for their needs.

Proprietorship of Website or the Authority for Usage, Sell, Advertise the website Contents

The online portal completely owns all the contents and is licensed by it appropriately. The content published in the website is understood to be proprietary and the website holds the copyrights to it. The viewers or visitors can not exercise any right on any type of content in the sight. The usage of content specified in the website is illegal without soliciting any approval from the website that can also be a contract.

Prohibition of hyperlinking to portal, referencing and co-branding

In the absence of any authorization from the website, none of the individuals may actually engage in hyperlinking to the website or even the parts of it (which does not exclude logotypes or material considered as copyrighted) for whatsoever reason and is not limited to it. In addition, you are not permitted to make reference to the url or the website address in any form of media considered as commercial or non-commercial. But there exists a feasibility to do so with the consent of the website. You clearly consent to work in sync or coordinate with the website to drop any activity that is termed as sabotage and would also be held responsible for it. And you are hereby affirming that you are accountable to pay US$100,000 that may also include costs and any other damages for breaching the provision in place.

Disclaimer for the Online portal

The website does not own any accountability for the precise nature of the content documented in the website. The visitors are at their own risk while reading or depending upon the content provided on the website to act accordingly. Without any explicit contract or understanding between you and the website, you are not supposed to assume the content in the website as accurate or well-defined. The website also takes no responsibility without a standing agreement.

We have endeavored hard to produce the information in the original form without any aberrations and have brought out the best of their potential. The domain of operation is such that a person may be tempted to write his own remuneration figure but there is no assurance that the same figure or something nearer to it can be earned by deploying the tactics and techniques gleaned through the material. The testimonials highlighted in the material should not be construed as an assurance of profitable earnings. The entire capability to bring in money is influenced by the high quality of our products and the techniques employed by us. This product does not offer a commercial prospect and only offers suggestion and in-depth knowledge on online information and search engine optimization. This is quite a new offering and there does not exist any track record on the money made through its usage. We refrain from mapping the exact income of users of our offering as it would contradict or breach the trade secrets of the users considered to be highly confidential or data termed as proprietary. The information disclosed in the portal is our personal experience on using the product. If you are willing to divulge the details of your experience you are most welcome to do so.


The visitors of the website also concur with the possibility if there is deliberate or accidental damage caused by them, they can be held accountable for the issue and would be liable to pay the expenses incurred by the website due to it.